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Writing And Selling Your Mystery Novel eBook

By Hallie Ephron

Format: eBook

SKU# Z9905

Hot Tip from Hallie Ephron-Learn to Write Killer Fiction!

Divided into five parts, Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel starts out with a plan and builds upon that information just like a detective builds his or her case-and just like you should build your story.

  • Part 1: Planning. Ephron provides a step-by-step guide to the process of planning your mystery novel. By the time you're finished with this section, you'll have a completed plan from which you'll be ready to write.
  • Part 2: Writing. Learn how to master your opening scene and move your story along without losing the interest of your reader. Discover the best ways to introduce characters, create suspense and action, and keep your reader turning the pages.
  • Part 3: Revising. Beginning with a wide overall view, you'll learn how to examine big issues like characterization and pacing and then move in closer to study scene and sentence construction.
  • Part 4: Selling. What good does it do to write a great story if you can't interest an agent or publisher in your work? Ephron provides tips for finding the right match and helps you prepare a properly prepared query package.
  • Part 5: Appendix of Resources includes information about organizations, mystery conferences, contests, guidebooks, and more.

    Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel will appeal to new and experienced writers. It covers all subgenres from hardboiled crime and medical mysteries to cozies and romantic thrillers. Like an expert private eye, Hallie Ephron digs through every piece of the mystery writing process with such a fine-tooth comb that she misses nothing along the way.

  • SKU Z9905
    Author/Speaker/Editor Hallie Ephron
    Format eBook

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