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Writer's Digest VIP Program - US Subscribers

By Writer's Digest

Format: VIP Program

SKU# Z8129

You'll Love This VIP Program If:

  • You want to improve your writing and learn how to get published
  • You're looking for savings — year around!
  • You want access to exclusive events, resources, and promotions

For more than 90 years, Writer's Digest has been inspiring writers. We offer online writing courses, books on writing, and other resources to help you get started in writing. Fuel your passion for writing with the Writer's Digest VIP Program.

You'll have access to the best writing resources, markets, competitions, tips, prompts, and more. For example, if you're ready to get your book or novel published, you'll need to find an agent. You can do this by searching listings for book publishers, magazines, literary agents, contests, and more on

Looking for an online writing class? Take one of our workshops from Writer's Digest University and get one-on-one attention and professional, personalized critiques of your writing, all on your schedule and at home! Browse top instructional videos on writing and getting published with our Writer's Digest Tutorials or read articles and tips from Writer's Digest magazine.

Become a VIP member today and start saving money now!

Your One-Year VIP Membership Includes:

  • One-year subscription to Writer's Digest magazine (retail value: $47.92 or $57.97)
  • One-year of online access to (retail value: $39.99)
  • Access to THREE online instructional writing presentations: 1. A 75-minute video presentation entitled 10 Practical Tips for More Consistent, Productive Writing provides tactics every writer can use to improve writing habits and see projects through to completion. (retail value: $79.00) 2. A one-hour video presentation entitled Dirty Little Secrets: Learn How the Publishing Industry Really Works to Become a More Successful Author, where author and Writer's Digest publisher Phil Sexton gives insider tips on how you can make the publishing industry work for your book. (retail value: $39.99) 3. A one-hour audio presentation entitled Quit Your Day Job, where author Elizabeth Sims discusses how to go about making a living as a writer. (retail value: $39.00)
  • 10% off Writer's Digest University workshops
  • 20% off Writer's Digest Competition entries
  • 10% off all purchases made at the Writer's Digest Shop throughout the year. Some exclusions apply.
  • 15% off Writer's Digest Tutorial subscriptions.
  • Free standard shipping on U.S. orders from the Writer's Digest Shop throughout the year.

Become a VIP member today and save 73% off retail!

What Writer's Digest VIP Members Are Saying...


"I have been writing fiction for years now and I have to say, I really like the VIP program because it gives me a variety of tools to improve my writing. One day I can choose to read the latest issue of Writer's Digest magazine, and the next I can opt to listen to a well-known author talk about how to get published. Being a VIP has helped me really focus on my work and learn a lot about writing."

Do you love being a VIP member? Tell us about it and write a review.

Additional Details:

  • If you are a new subscriber to Writer's Digest, your first issue will arrive within two months.
  • If you are an existing Writer's Digest subscriber, your subscription will be extended for one year.
  • You will receive your free Activation Code via email in 1-2 business days. Use it to create a new account with 12 months of access, or use the code to extend an existing account by 12 months.
  • To download the two webinars (10 Practical Tips for More Consistent, Productive Writing and Dirty Little Secrets: Learn How the Publishing Industry Really Works to Become a More Successful Author) and the audio recording (Quit Your Day Job), click on the three links provided on the confirmation page or in your confirmation email.
  • To obtain the 10% discount on workshops from Writer's Digest University, use the coupon code that appears on your confirmation page and in the confirmation email.
  • Upon completion of this order, you will receive a 10% discount on all future orders from the Writer's Digest Shop.

There are no additional discounts available for this product.

SKU Z8129
Author/Speaker/Editor Writer's Digest
File Type M4V, WMV
Format VIP Program

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Customer Reviews

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Not Sure... Review by Mare

...Still trying to decide. It's a little cumbersome to find the "VIP" area vs. the regular site. Everything I look at seems to have an additional price tag attached to it. I love the magazine, but haven't received the first issue yet (just signed up this month. Thought it would start with April).

(Posted on 4/25/2014)

Excellent Review by Leslie J.

I have recieved Writers Digest Magazine, and bought them in stores, since Childhood, and find every issue to be helpful, and Inspiring, and full of Motivational Tips, for anyone, who has ever had Dreams, or Aspired to become A Published Writer!!! I Love everything About Writers Digest, and how they help so many People!!:) Well worth all the Investment!!

(Posted on 4/4/2014)

Update!!! Review by Tanja Crouch

I wishing could edit or delete my above review because now I am enjoying the benefits of the service. What they don't explain is you will receive a NEW password in 3-4 days that you input to upgrade your subscription for access to additional resources. I tried several times and wrote to Writers Digest then a day or two later I received an email with a new pass code to enter. I'm still discovering resources but it is now proving worth the investment.

(Posted on 12/25/2013)

If you are new to writing you need this ! Review by Michael

I am a fairly new author and currently have 3 books in the works that I am attempting to write. I am loving every bit of it and the real reason that I have 3 books underway at once is for when I hit a flat spot and need a break. I just jump on one of the other 2 and keep going but keep my priority one the primary, or number one book at all times or I would never finish it. This works for me but not for everyone.
I would give this a much higher rating but I haven't been in it long enough to do that yet. Secondly, although there are plenty of free things to be had, there are even more that you have to pay for.
The prices seem to be a little heavy, at least for me, however, they say you get what you pay for.
I wouldn't want to tackle this great new addiction for writing I have developed without the VIP membership or even the regular membership for that matter. (VIP is better, hint, hint) It has been my guiding light for most of what I have learned so far. The only exception is what you get by just digging your heals in and start writing. You don't even need to start at the begging, remember it's your book and you can do what ever you can imagine or feel the need to get on paper.
Just get it done, because it's not like you are taking a chance of learn too much is it ?

(Posted on 12/17/2013)

False advertising Review by Tanja Crouch

The main reason I signed up was to have access to the agents database--however, you still have to pay an additional monthly fee for access. I've been looking around the site for the additional access but I haven't come upon anything I didn't previously have access to before paying the additional fee. I'm glad I subscribed to the magazine--I love it--but the additional fee for VIP access seems to be a waste of money. I'm going to continue looking around, if I don't find something worth it, I'm still within my time for a refund.

Bummer--I was looking forward to using the resources touted.

(Posted on 12/4/2013)

short cut Review by ashenafi

i have been searching for my short cuts to become VIP and thanks for making easy for me

(Posted on 12/12/2012)

Why only for US subscribers? Review by Amyna

It is a fantastic offer, but why do you not have the same for your international subscribers as well? You can always omit the free postage :)

~Amyna, we do offer the VIP program for International Subscribers. More information can be found here: Thanks for your comment! -Writer's Digest Shop Staff

(Posted on 10/10/2012)

Too Early to Tell Review by Terry

I haven't been in the program long enough to have utilized its benefits, but I'm sure I'll like it! What's not to like?

(Posted on 9/13/2012)

Misleading Review by Byatt

I have not found any benefit for paying $49 for this "resource'. Stick with the paper magazine!

(Posted on 7/24/2012)

Hip-hip-hooray! Review by Christina Katz

I vote this idea a ten! Thanks so much for making this happen!I have been begging for this kind of bundled package for years and I'm thrilled that it's finally here. I'll definitely be spreading the word about this excellent value and I look forward to proudly displaying my VIP status.

(Posted on 10/21/2009)

10 Item(s)

per page