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Go beyond the basics with the PLUS membership. With PLUS, you'll have even more resources at your disposal to achieve your writing goals.

You will get:

  • One year of access to listings of publishers, agents, competitions, conferences and more through the online database (Value: $39.99)
  • A professionally polished query letter, courtesy of the editors at 2nd Draft. (2nd Draft Query Letter Critique, Value: $39.99)
  • Over 100 sample query letters and manuscript formatting examples, in the eBook of Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript. (Value: $22.99)
  • Access to submit your questions to the Writer's Digest Editors – from finding the right agent to dealing with rejection. (Value: Immeasurable)

Get the complete PLUS membership for just $59.99 – a savings of 42% off individual purchases. Plus, this is the only way to gain access to the experience of Writer's Digest Editors to answer your most burning questions.

Important notes:

  • You will receive your activation code for via email within 1-2 business days.
  • Instructions on submitting your Query Letter for 2nd Draft will be included in your purchase confirmation message. This package only includes critique of one query letter. Additional critiques can be purchased separately here: 2nd Draft: Query Letter Critique Service.
  • Your download of Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript will be available in your confirmation message post-purchase.
  • Instructions on submitting your questions to the Writer's Digest Editors will be included in your purchase confirmation message. Writer's Digest Editors will not provide manuscript, query or synopsis review. For critique services, learn more about 2nd Draft Critique Services.

Note: There are no additional discounts for this product. All sales are final.

Sample Questions for Writer's Digest Editors

Marketing Your Work/Building a Platform
  • Once my book is published, how do I go about setting up a bookstore appearance?
  • What are a few things newer writers could do to help establish themselves in the literary world?
  • What are some of the most effective online tools writers can use to promote themselves starting today?
  • Do writers' organizations help writers get published? For instance, I write mystery novels. Would some kind of mystery writers' organization help me out?
  • Do agents believe writer Web sites are a good idea? Can they negotiate for a book publisher to fund a writer's website for promotional purposes?
  Finding the Right Markets for Your Work
  • When should novelists worry about where to submit their novels?
  • I've completed a nonfiction proposal about a series of murders that took place in 1916. The "market" and "competition" sections of my proposal are very short, because it seems to me the competition is irrelevant here. The book is more like a novel than nonfiction. Am I wrong in thinking that?
  • I am gathering resources and content for a "wedding guide" that I'd like to publish as a book. Do I need to self-publish/POD this, or are there publishing companies interested in the "wedding" category? As a first-time author, should I just look for a local printer and obtain quotes?
  Finding an Agent
  • Must my book be completed before I query agents? Or is it an acceptable practice to submit a proposal with outline and sample chapters?
  • I recently queried six agents simultaneously for my literary novel and received three favorable responses requesting sample chapters. Is it acceptable for me to reply to them all at once, or should I send material only to one and wait for a decision before sending to others?
  • My agent has let my historical romance sit at four publishing houses for over six months now. She doesn't seem anxious to check the status of my manuscript. I'm a rookie in this business, but I'm thinking I should shop for a new agent. Any advice?
  General Getting Published
  • After months of editing, reworking and workshopping, I've completed my first novel and cut it from 165,000 to 130,000 words. With that much cutting, I think I've made a good faith effort to tighten the plot and characterizations as much as I can. But everywhere I look, 130,000 words seems to still be too long. Can you give me any tips on how to convince someone to read my work despite its length?
  • My sister and I have a mystery series that's been recorded on audio, but the books have never been published in print. If we offer them to a publisher or agent, would they be considered published or unpublished? What is the best way to sell a series?
  • I'm in the process of writing a novel with a co-author. Will this relationship cause problems down the line, either legally or even just in getting published?
  • How do you negotiate prices with clients for your writing business?
  • How do you find clients for your writing business?
  • How do writers decide how much to charge for their corporate writing assignments?
  • What is the most important thing a freelance copyeditor should take into consideration when handling an assignment?
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