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The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference

By Writer's Digest Books

Format: Paperback

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You'll Love This Book If:

  • You are an aspiring fantasy author
  • You need a guide to creating magical realms
  • You want to learn about traditional fantasy or world cultures, magic, witchcraft, creatures of myth and legend or castles

Do you want to write fantasy books? When you buy The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference you'll be transported to fantasy's mysterious worlds. Featuring an introduction by mega-best-selling author Terry Brooks, The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference reveals the facts behind the fantasy, giving you the details you need to make your fiction vibrant, captivating and original.

You'll read chapters on traditional fantasy cultures, such as feudalism, manorialism, Christianity, the social order, ecclesiastic titles, knighthood, peripheral cultures, and political entities, as well as world cultures, including Africa, Asia, Mesoamerica, North America, Oceania, an South America. Looking in to learn more about magic? You'll learn the principles of magic, what magic does, ritual and ceremonial magic, secret societies, divination, building your own magical worlds, and the history of magic.

Does your story have an element of witchcraft or paganism? Learn how to recognize a witch, the different types of witchcrafts: classical, gothic, family, traditional, or neo-pagn and the terms and language used. If you're creating fantasy races or looking for ideas, you'll learn about dwarves, elves, fairies, goblins, orcs, half-lings, hybrids, merfolk, and trolls. Plus, you'll get listings of creatures of myth and legend, armies, beasts of war, and armor.

Buy The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference, go forth and write something magical! Great stories await you!

In This Book You'll Learn:

  • How to recognize a witch
  • The principles of magic
  • About fantasy races and creatures of myth and legend

A Word From The Book's Introduction:

"I've used strange words to suggest other times and places, other worlds and lives, but all their definitions are fixed in the cultures and myths of our world. All can be found within the pages of this book. Understand the possibilities is a requirement to making choices, and writers of fantasy can discover a good many of those possibilities if they read on. Various chapters look closely at forms of magic, types of weapons and armor, fantasy races and creatures, and ancient societies on which speculative fictional worlds and characters can be based. Each writer must choose the ones that work and make them the building blocks of a story's foundation." —Terry Brooks, fantasy author

What Other Authors Are Saying About The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference:

"An indispensable reference guide of historical and cultural facts, rites, races and creatures, for both the fantasy and historical writer, I plan on recommending this book to my entire staff." —Kim Guarnaccia, editor and publisher, Renaissance Magazine
"A rich compendium of medieval lore and cultural myths, presented in a marvelously entertaining and instructive format. A must for all writers!" —Juliana Farnett, best-selling author of The Vow and The Scotsman
"An exceptional book! As a romance writer, I found it uniquely invaluable. As a fantasy writer, I found it indispensable. I loved it!" —Elaine Barbieri, best-selling author of Captive Fantasy and More Precious Than Gold

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SKU 10710
Author/Speaker/Editor Writer's Digest Books
File/Trim Size 9 x 6
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781582970264
Number Of Pages 304

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