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Successful Self-Publishing Collection (Digital Edition)

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There are more options than ever to produce your work and make it available for sale-without assistance or approval from a publisher. New online services can publish your work within minutes (at no cost to you), and self-publishing providers are offering more sophisticated service packages than ever. The products in our Successful Self-Publishing bundle give you an inside look at the self-publishing scene and how to be effective and meaningful in your efforts.

This collection includes:

Self Marketing for Authors OnDemand Webinar
Self Marketing for Authors (OnDemand Webinar)
In this OnDemand Webinar Chip MacGregor, owner of MacGregor Literary, explains the basics of marketing in today's economy, defines branding and its importance, and talks about the impact of social media.
RETAIL: $79.00

3 Essential Paths to Self-Publishing OnDemand Webinar
3 Essential Paths to Self-Publishing (OnDemand Webinar)
This webinar is perfect for anyone considering self-publishing or for those who are wondering how to get their out-of-print works back in print. Guest speaker Jane Friedman touches on the options for self-publishing, what you can expect when self-publishing, the secrets to successful self-published books, and how to make your e-book available for sale.
RETAIL: $79.00

Instant Publishing Models OnDemand Webinar
Instant Publishing Models (OnDemand Webinar)
Get a behind-the-scenes tour of how online publishing sites work and learn how authors have used tools to increase their online presence and take advantage of new opportunities. With the information from this webinar, you can take instantly publish your work and start making money.
RETAIL: $49.00

Securing an Agent for Your Self-Published Book OnDemand Webinar
Securing an Agent for Your Self-Published Book (OnDemand Webinar)
Self-publishing your book can jumpstart your writing career and be a powerful tool in finding an agent. In this webinar, agent Jody Rein tells you what agents really think of self-published books, and how your self-published book just may be the key to getting representation.
RETAIL: $79.00

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition (eBook/Paperback Book)
Authors Marilyn Ross and Sue Collier show you how to make your own success in publishing. In the book's 5th edition you'll find the latest information on e-publishing, and how to take control of your writing career.
RETAIL: $24.99

Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging OnDemand Webinar
Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging (OnDemand Webinar)
This webinar features guest speaker Jane Friedman. She discusses the different models of successful blogging, how to blog for promotion and marketing, and how to develop strategic content. She also talks about ways to grow blog traffic, what types of blogs attract attention from editors and agents, and habits of successful bloggers.
RETAIL: $59.00

The Indie Author Guide
The Indie Author Guide (eBook/Paperback Book)
Hamilton gives step-by-step advice for self-publishing, including how to format, edit, and revise your book, and how to use a print service provider. She also details your options for self-publishing and how to build and maintain an author platform.
RETAIL: $19.99

Digital Issue: Writer's Digest March/April 2009
Writer's Digest March/April 2009 (Digital Issue)
In this issue, the Writer's Digest editors spotlight the different methods of self-publishing, what to expect when you self-publish, and an agent's perspective on the self-publishing industry.
RETAIL: $5.99

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