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Author Platform Consultations

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You'll Love This Platform Consultation Service If:

  • You have written a book, or are in the process of writing a book, and need an effective way to let people know about it
  • You want to get started in social media, but aren’t sure what to do or how to begin
  • You’re actively engaged in social media, blogging, Tweeting, etc, but aren’t seeing the results you want
  • You want to build an audience for your work
  • You want to develop a following of readers who will buy your current or future books
  • Your manuscript keeps getting rejected by agents or editors because you don’t have enough of a platform
  • You need to develop an authoritative voice related to what you’re writing about – a voice that tells people your insights on the topic can be trusted

Do you know who your audience is?

Do you have a way to reach them?

Can you convince them to buy your book?

If you’re trying to get published, having an effective platform can make the difference between getting a pass and getting a contract – particularly if you write nonfiction. If you’re already published, having a platform can help drive sales and build a network of fans – that’s critical to your success given that most publishers don’t provide the publicity and marketing support that they used to (if any). And if you’re choosing to self-publish, a platform is even more critical to your success.

With this special Writer’s Digest service, you’ll work one-on-one with a platform specialist who will help you define your audience, engage with them directly, promote your products and services, and establish yourself as an authority in your chosen area of expertise. The Writer’s Digest Platform Consultation Service does that and more!

Upon signing up for one of the three levels of service, you’ll be assigned a platform specialist.  She’ll work with you one-on-one to assess your current platform and provide guidelines and a strategy for improving it. You’ll also receive supplemental materials that will provide a foundation for platform development above and beyond the consultation process.

You want to make your own success? Start with a good book. Then support it with a network of readers and a fan following that will buy it and start spreading word of mouth. The Writer’s Digest Platform Consultation Service is designed to do just that.

What Can You Expect From Our Platform Consultation Service?

The Platform Consultation Service provides review of your current platform-building efforts, no matter if you’re starting from ground zero, or trying to optimize platform initiatives that are already in place.

To take advantage of the service, you only need to have a desire to build a platform and an audience. If you’re already active with social media, such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc, so much the better.

The service offers:

  • Supplemental textbooks by Rob Eagar (Sell Your Book Like Wildfire) and Christina Katz (Get Known Before the Book Deal).
  • 60-minute tutorial on building and optimizing a platform by bestselling author Chuck Sambuchino, named by Traackr as one of the Top 10 Social Media Influencers: Book Publishing.
  • One-on-one phone consultations with WD-approved platform development specialists who will both assess your current efforts and give you personalized guidance for taking your platform to the next level.
  • Written notes from your specialist following each call with an assessment of your current progress and recommended next steps.

What the Platform Consultation Service Will Not Do:

Consultation specialists will not:

  • Build a website for you.
  • Set up a blog or other social media presence such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • Provide traditional publicity and marketing services, such as sending out press releases, securing interviews, etc.


Your consultant will reach out to you via email first. Please be ready to send them the following information in advance of your phone consultation:

  • Any social media accounts that you’ve already set up.
  • URLs to any blogs or websites that you’ve established.
  • A description of your book(s).
  • A description of who you think you’re audience is.

The consultant will review these things in advance of your phone call to gauge the effectiveness of your current efforts and devise a strategy and some basic guidelines for improving them.

For packages that offer multiple consultations, the specialist will follow your progress over the period noted and will provide feedback and guidance over a period that will enable both you and them to track results.

There are three different platform consultation levels of service:

Standard Consultation

  • Consultant reviews goals and confirms desired audience
  • Provides general guidelines for next steps and answers questions customer might have
  • Receive a physical copy Sell Your Book Like Wildfire and Get Known Before the Book Deal
  • Receive a downloadable 60-minute online tutorial by Chuck Sambuchino best practices and results on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc
  • Assignment to a consultant who will review of current efforts (if any)
  • One phone consultation with consultant of up to 30 minutes in length
  • $199 retail

Deluxe Consultation (4-week consultation)

  • Includes all of the above, as well as THREE additional phone consultations up to 30 minutes each conducted over a four week period
  • $999

Ultimate Consultation (8-week consultation)

  • Includes all of the above, as well as SEVEN additional phone consultations up to 30 minutes each conducted over an eight week period
  • $1999

There are no refunds for this service. No discounts apply.

SKU U3823P
Format Paperback
Platform Consultation Service

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  • Platform Consultation Service

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