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The Novel Writer's Tool Kit

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Nearly everyone wants to write a novel, but few see it to fruition. You, on the other hand, refuse to be a part of that statistic. You know that writing a novel is no easy task. From time constraints to publishing roadblocks, there's a lot that can get between you and your finished product.

To ensure you join the ranks of other accomplished novel writers, you need a plan. Learn how to take your work from page one to published courtesy of this carefully selected collection of novel writing tools. Develop the necessary writing habits of world-renowned authors, avoid common mistakes made by novelists of all experience levels, and discover what it really takes to get your final draft into the hands of eager readers everywhere. The kit includes:

  • Write Your Novel in 90 Days (OnDemand Webinar): Don't let your novel-writing aspirations fall victim to everyday distractions. Discover how to master the habits any good writer needs to complete their book in a set period of time. (Value: $79.00)
  • 90 Days to Your Novel (Full Book PDF): Wish you could hammer out a first draft in no time flat? Believe it or not—you can! Learn scheduling tips and various techniques to help you stay focused and motivated. (Value: $16.99)
  • Effective Novel Hooks: How to Build One for Your Query Letter (OnDemand Webinar): Your novel hook is often the make-it or break-it piece of your query letter. Explore the most common mistakes writers make when constructing a hook, as well as key elements and phrases that will improve your odds of capturing the interest of publishing professionals. (Value: $99.00)
  • 2010 Writer's Digest Write Your Novel in 30 Days (Digital Issue): Writing your novel in a month isn't an impossible feat. This digital issue of Writer's Digest will show you how. Plus give you added insight on topics like time management, character building, and more. (Value: $9.99)
  • The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing 2nd Edition (Full Book PDF): Dozens of best-selling authors share advice on an array of topics from mastering the elements of fiction to getting published. This fully-revised edition includes an expanded marketing section that touches on the challenges of today's publishing market and the boundless opportunities of online promotion. (Value: $19.99)
  • The Dreaded Synopsis (Ondemand Webinar): Even the most talented writers dread the synopsis writing process. While this ondemand webinar may not convince you to love this necessary evil, it will help you better understand the elements of a well written synopsis. All while supplying you with clear, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task with the least resistance. (Value: $79.00)

SKU W8673
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