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Killer Query Letters Kit

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You've written a spectacular book that demands to be read. Now you face the challenge of getting your literary masterpiece into the hands of eager readers. Where do you begin? Without a carefully crafted query, your chances of achieving "published author" status may be few and far between.

Learn how to compose a perfectly persuasive letter with this in-depth writing kit. Spark inspiration from dozens of query letter samples, and discover what agents are really looking for in a hook. Then have your personal 1-page query professionally critiqued to help uncover what works as well as what doesn't – and how to fix it. The Killer Query Letters Kit includes:

Guide to Query Letters (PDF)
The Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters (PDF) (Paperback Book)
This comprehensive guide to all types of queries gives you the tools you need to craft powerfully persuasive letters that connect with editors and agents. With dozens of sample query letters, this guide is a must-have for every writer's bookshelf.
RETAIL: $14.99

2nd Draft Critique Service: 1 Page Query Letter
2nd Draft Critique Service: 1 Page Query Letter (Personalized Service)
Make sure that your query letter is pitch-perfect before you send it to the hands of agents and publishers. A query letter critique from 2nd Draft Critique Service provides you with specific, tailored advice for your query letter. You will not only learn what works in your query letter, but what doesn't – and how to fix it!
RETAIL: $39.99

How an Agent Picks a Client: From Query to Career
How an Agent Picks a Client: From Query to Career (OnDemand Webinar)
Many factors go into an agent's decision of whether or not to sign a new client. This OnDemand Webinar will give you an inside look at exactly what goes through an agent's mind during each step of the submission process. Prepare to discover what makes a query letter stand out, what makes an agent request sample pages or a book proposal, and how an agent evaluates a single title vs. a book series.
RETAIL: $89.00

How to Hook an Agent with Your Query Letter
How to Hook an Agent With Your Query Letter (OnDemand Webinar)
No matter whether you intend to pursue traditional or self publishing, it's imperative that you understand how to pitch your book. What does the ideal query letter look like? What makes a pitch "hot"? Knowing what to include and what to avoid in a query requires more effort than simply keeping it short. This webinar will teach you how to compose an effective query letter and use it to achieve your publishing goals.
RETAIL: $89.00

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