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Christmas & Holiday Gifts for Writers

Are you an aspiring author or looking for perfect gifts for writers this holiday season? Look no further than the Writer's Digest Shop where you’ll find great gift ideas for beginner or advanced fiction writers. Or are you wondering how overcome writer's block? Here you’ll find unique gift ideas that will truly inspire the writer in your life (even if it's just you). Unlike simple gifts like coffee mugs, notebooks or writing accessories, our writing gifts truly can empower ambitious writers to advance in their genre. Your gift can help someone achieve new levels of creating engaging and inspiring writing and ultimately help them towards the ultimate goal – getting discovered and published.

Gifts for the Beginner Writer

12 Weeks to a First Draft Workshop   Write Brain Workbook   90 Days to Your Novel   Write Great Fiction Series CD
Help the aspiring writer in your life complete their first novel! This workbook breaks down the daunting task of completing a first draft into smaller, more manageable tasks.   Know a really talented writer facing the monster of writer's block? With 366 exercises specifically designed for writers their pen will be flying across the page in no time!   Tired of hearing "This year I am going to write my novel"? This guide is the push they need to stay diciplined and on track in order to finish their first draft in 3 months.   Every great fiction novel needs skill, passion, and emotion; just like the author writing it! Help the fiction writer in your life become the author they are meant to be!


Gifts for the Advanced Writer

Writer's Market Deluxe   Revision and Self-Editing for Publication   Sell Your Book Like Wildfire   Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript
Know someone who is ready to become a professional writer? Give them the resource that helped authors Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer rise to stardom!   Help the writer in your life perfect their manuscript to increase their changes of getting published! Conquering the revision process is just as important as writing the first draft   Not understanding why a friend's amazing book has not taken off? Help them create their own destiny with an amazing resource on how to market and sell their book effectively (and without spending a fortune)!   This best-selling title is the perfect gift for any writer looking to perfect and submit their manuscript! This guide provides detailed instruction on the submission process, from beginning to end.


Gift Subscriptions

Writer's Digest Magazine 1-Year Subscription   1-Year Subscription to   VIP 1-Year Subscription    
Is there a passionate writer in your life? Get them the go-to writing publication that has been around for 90 years! In each issue they will get tips, advice, exercises, and more!   As any writer in your life knows getting published is no easy feat! This online database includes a listing of agent and publishing company contact info along with expert advice and tips on how to get published.   Can't decide which subscription to give the writer in your life? Give them both by making them a VIP! They will get both of our premium subscriptions and more!    


Fun Gifts for Any Writer

Storymatic   Where Do You Get Your Ideas?   The Writer's Lab   The Daily Writer
This is the perfect gift for any writer in your life. Whether they are suffering from writer's block or just want a fun excersize to help boost their creativity, this is the perfect gift!   Do you know someone who really wants to write a book, but just can't come up with a solid story idea? Give them the resource that helps break down how professional writers come up with marketable ideas.   The process of writing is so regimented. Give them a gift where they can break all of the rules! Creative prompts allow an author to get back to the fun of writing, sketching, diagraming, and creating story ideas.   For an aspiring author writing is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Help them make the most of their time and really incorporate the act of being a writer in their daily lives with a resource full of action-oriented exercises.
You Can Write Children's Books - Second Edition   Get an Agent Master Box Set   You've Got a Book in You   Mastering the Craft of Fiction Box Set
This kit is the perfect gift for anyone who currently writes or is looking to get into writing children's books. With a combination of print, digital, and online resources this kit has everything they need to complete their children's book!   Any aspiring author has one thing on their mind once their manuscript is finished, how do I get a literary agent? This kit has everything they will ever need to increase their chances on finding a literary agent.   Give them the gift they can't get anywhere else! This kit includes an endless supply of print, digital and online resources all designed to do one thing, improve an aspiring author's chances of getting published!   The best gift a beginner writer can receive is finishing their first draft. Help make their dream a reality with this one-of-a-kind kit designed to give them all the tools and resources they need to complete a best-seller!


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