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TV Scripts - Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript eBook Excerpt

By Chuck Sambuchino

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You'll Love This eBook Excerpt If:

  • You have a complete and polished TV script ready
  • You're interested in finding an agent
  • You don't know how to format your script for TV

Do you have a great idea TV script up your sleeve? If your script is in tip-top shape and you're ready to find an agent or sell it to a production company, this 34-page excerpt from Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 3rd Edition is the right resource for you.

When you read this eBook excerpt, you'll learn about the structure of sitcoms, one-hour episodic dramas, soap operas, and TV movies and tips on formatting & submitting. Follow the expert advice from TV Scripts - Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript and get your script into the hands of Hollywood's top agents and producers!

In This eBook Excerpt You'll Learn:

  • How to submit your television script
  • Pointers on contacting a production company
  • The rules for formatting your script or query
  • How to correspond with agents

A Word About One-Hour Dramas From This eBook Excerpt:

Your hour-long script will be approximately fifty pages long. Most one-hour dramas run forty-eight minutes, and as with the motion-picture format, you can average about one minute of viewing time per manuscript page. Nearly all hour-long dramas contain four acts that occur at roughly twelve- to fifteen-minute intervals (so your script should change acts every twelve to fifteen pages). The act breaks will correspond with the network’s commercials, which occur about every thirteen minutes. Because networks want viewers to hang around through the commercial breaks, your story needs to have a cliffhanger or an emotional moment at the end of each act. Whether or not such a moment needs to be included in the last act depends on the individual show—does it typically end with a neat resolution or with something to carry over to next week?

One-hour episodic dramas share more in common with the formatting of screenplays than of sitcoms.

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SKU Z7295
Author/Speaker/Editor Chuck Sambuchino
File Type PDF
Format Download
ISBN 13 9781582979458
Number Of Pages 34
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