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Elements Of Writing Fiction: Description

By Monica Wood

Format: Paperback

SKU# 10608

You'll Love This Book If:

  • You are new to writing fiction
  • You are an aspiring fiction author
  • You want to learn how to use description to reveal important details within your story

Are an aspiring fiction writer? Could your story use more description? No matter what stage of your craft you're in, the Elements of Writing Fiction: Description is your guide to writing fiction. You'll find tips and tricks, writing exercises, and solutions for any description problems you may have. Author Monica Wood teaches by example using samples of work by such noted writers as Mark Helprin, Anne Tyler and Raymond Carver, developing stories with characters in various situations, to show you how you can apply description techniques.

When you read this book, you'll learn how to use description to affect every element of your story, including detail, plot, style, and point of view. When writing, you'll discover how sensory details can be used to awaken the reader's senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. And, you'll find dos and don'ts, lists of descriptive alternatives to common verbs and nouns, and tips for editing your work.

Strengthen your writing skills, make your descriptions fresh and they'll move your story forward, imbue your work with atmosphere that readers crave. Buy Elements of Writing Fiction: Description today!

In This Book You'll Learn:

  • How to use description to affect every element of your story, including detail, plot, style, and point of view
  • How to create a mood that matches your story's context
  • How to create original word descriptions of people, animals, places, weather, and movement

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An Excerpt From Chapter One on Telling Details

"Sometimes it takes only one or two details to light up a character for your readers. These precise, illuminating finds are the 'telling' details of fiction, for they stretch beyond mere observation to give the readers a larger, richer sense of character or place. The old man's carefully parted hair suggests that he has not totally given up. The tinny clatter of cheap crockery implies that the restaurateur has fallen on hard times. The sullen teenager's one-shouldered shrug connotes indifference tinged with contempt.

This kind of detail makes fiction more than what-happens-next storytelling. It makes description more than an account. The right details, inserted at the right times, allow your readers access to a character's inner landscape, to his or her peculiarities, fears, and compulsions that cannot be easily explained. It is one thing to explain to your readers that a character is fearful, quite another to describe the way she shrinks from human touch."

SKU 10608
Author/Speaker/Editor Monica Wood
File/Trim Size 6 x 9
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9780898799088
Number Of Pages 176

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