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Elements of Writing Fiction: Conflict, Action & Suspense

By William Noble

Format: Paperback

SKU# 10607

You'll Love This Book If:

  • You want to know how to create and maintain conflict throughout your story
  • You're looking for instruction and strategies for maintaining suspense from page one
  • You want to inject your story with action but don't know how

Do you ever wonder what exactly makes a book a page-turner or how to grab your readers right from the start and hold them through the last sentence? Elements of Writing Fiction: Conflict, Action & Suspense can answer these questions and more. Author William Noble discusses the importance of generating drama and developing it using conflict, action, and suspense. He teaches you how to create tension within your writing through adjectives, nouns, quick scene cuts and transitions; provides techniques for escalating your story and capturing your readers attention; and explains how all of these important fiction writing elements relate to the rest of your story.

Take the effective techniques, strategies, and advice found in Elements of Writing Fiction: Conflict, Action & Suspense to compose a story that will leave readers guessing and wanting more!

In This Book You'll Learn:

  • How to set the stage with techniques and devices that enhance drama
  • How to introduce suspense from the very beginning of your story.
  • How to build suspense through cliff-hangers, dialogue, mood, character development, point of view, subtlety and indirection, and time and place
  • How to bring all that conflict, action and suspense to a gripping conclusion

An Excerpt From Chapter One

"What makes a story interesting? What holds a reader's attention? What rivets eyes to the page and feeds an urge for more and more and more?

It isn't fuscia-colored ink or exquisite calligraphy or richly textured paper.

It's drama--taking facts and making them live, developing characters so they become memorable. We sculpt and we hone and recast so a pedestrain set of circumstances can become interesting, even exciting, even ... breathtaking.

Drama is what we seek to create because drama is a wand that can turn boring events into attention-grabbers, and when this happens on the written page, we'll find a reader involved in the story and thirsting for more."

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SKU 10607
Author/Speaker/Editor William Noble
File/Trim Size 9 x 7
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9780898799071
Number Of Pages 185

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