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Why Am I Getting Rejected? eBook Excerpt

By Jane Friedman, Editor

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You'll Love This eBook Excerpt If:

  • You are a writer who wants to be published
  • Editors or agents reject have rejected your work
  • You want to know how to overcome rejection & succeed in writing

There is no easy way to face rejection, and editors give little information about why they rejected your work. These are the tests of the writing life. When you encounter them—and, at some point, all writers do (beginners more so than others)—face them with renewed determination. Success begins where most people quit..

Rejections tend to happen for two reasons: (1) your work isn’t ready to be submitted, or (2) you queried incorrectly, either by choosing the wrong market or by querying unprofessionally. The first reason can only be remedied by making your work the best it can be, through constant analysis and revision. The second reason for rejection can be completely eliminated by following the advice in this eBook, excerpted from the Beginning Writer's Answer Book, and getting information from other expert sources. Discover the answers to questions like: Why are editors rejecting my work when family and friends love it so much? What should I do after an article is returned with a rejection slip?

A Frequently Asked Question From This eBook Excerpt:

How many rejection slips do you consider the cutoff point—where I should give up completely?

If you put a lot of time and effort into a project, don’t abandon it too quickly. Look at the rejection slips as bits of advice for improvement, or as patterns of criticism. Rejections, if used properly, can be lessons to improve your writing. If you’ve been sending the same magazine query around for many months, your idea may have grown too stale for you to keep circulating it. If you’ve been attempting to sell a book manuscript, and have had some near misses, then your timing or your luck may be off; some books circulate for many years before finding the right agent or editor. As long as you feel passionate about the work, you shouldn’t give up on it—even if it means returning to the manuscript a few years down the road. Some ideas and manuscripts have to be set aside because the market isn’t ready for them.

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SKU Z6915
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