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What Are the Rights of Others? eBook Excerpt

By Jane Friedman, Editor

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You'll Love This eBook Excerpt If:

  • You are writing a novel or short story
  • You want to know when to request permissions
  • You want to compile an anthology of essays

When an author sues another for plagiarism, it usually makes the headlines. That’s because it’s so very rare. Most writers are scrupulous about getting permission and fairly attributing their sources when they borrow from another’s copyrighted work. When you buy this eBook Excerpt from the Beginning Writer's Answer Book, you'll get answers to questions about when, how much, and under what circumstances you can draw from other people’s work.

In This eBook Excerpt You'll Learn:

  • The rules of quoting - when you can and cannot use others quotes
  • When to seek permission from a book publisher
  • How to compile an anthology

A Frequently Asked Question About Anthologies:

I want to compile an anthology of essays. Should I secure copyright releases before submitting it? Can I copyright the anthology?

You shouldn’t get copyright releases before submitting to a publisher, since a publisher may not want some selections, and may want others not included in the original manuscript. After the manuscript is accepted, you should write the requests for permission, citing chapter and page, preferably also including a copy of the passage. Any reprint fees are usually paid for by the publisher, but deducted from the anthologist’s royalties.

Anthologies may be copyrighted in the name of the author/editor or the publisher, depending on the type of book and the terms of the contract. The use of essays in your anthology does not prevent their future use in some other anthology.

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SKU Z6912
Author/Speaker/Editor Jane Friedman, Editor
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