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Should I Use a Pen Name? eBook Excerpt

By Jane Friedman, Editor

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You'll Love This eBook Excerpt If:

  • You want to know how to choose a pen name
  • You want to adopt a pen name
  • You want to know more about using pen names

Writers use pen names for a variety of reasons—to keep their authorship a secret from their families and friends, to foil sexist editors, to establish audiences for different types of work. How do you select and use a pen name, but still receive mail and cash your checks? The following information will smooth the way for you.

Discover the answers to questions like: What is the real value of using a pen name? How does the writer cash a check made out to his pen name—especially if he's well known in a small town?

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SKU Z6910
Author/Speaker/Editor Jane Friedman, Editor
File/Trim Size 132 KB
File Type PDF
Format Download
ISBN 13 9781582978994
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