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Selling Your Work Online eBook

By Joe Feiertag, Mary Carmen Cupito, & the Editors of Writer's Digest Books

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You'll Love This eBook If:

  • You are a freelance writer and want to find the right markets for your work
  • You're ready to sell your writing online
  • You're looking for sample query letters
  • You want to break into freelance writing online but aren't sure where to start

If you're ready to sell your writing and make money, buy Selling Your Work Onlinetoday. You'll discover the seven places to start your online market search, recommended books for finding online writing gigs, and how to create your own website.

If you're ready to query an editor or agent with your work, you'll learn the general guidelines for sending e-queries and see sample query letters.

For aspiring writers new to freelance writing, you'll learn four important tips for writing online and how to land your first freelance writing assignment. Buy Selling Your Work Online today and start selling your writing now!

In This eBook You'll Learn:

  • How to find markets for your work online
  • What a sample e-query letter looks like
  • What an e-book is
  • The best books for honing your online writing skills

A Word From This eBook:

"The process of selling your work online doesn't dramatically differ from selling to paper-and-ink publications. As any successful freelancer knows, to make the sale, you must find a market that matches the story you want to write—whose audience and style you understand and appreciate. Also, never forget that you should be paid for your work, online or off. Even if the pay is low, if you retain your rights to your work, you can resell it to other markets to make it pay again and again.

Some basic places to start your online market search include: print and electronic publications, e-newsletters, corporate web sites, and online blogs."

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SKU Z6928
Author/Speaker/Editor Joe Feiertag, Mary Carmen Cupito, & the Editors of Writer's Digest Books
File/Trim Size 259 KB
File Type PDF
Format Download
ISBN 13 9781582979175
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