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Build Scenes for Your Novel

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Build Scenes for Your Novel Kit

Do you have a great idea for a story? Don’t let it dwell inside your mind—put it onto paper and write a novel! Writing a novel can be overwhelming—especially if you have never done it before. If you break your story down scene by scene, you’ll not only have an organized plan but also make progress toward finishing your first draft. Designed for novelists of all types, the Build Scenes for Your Novel Kit contains products that will help you write your first draft. Learn how to create characters, develop your story’s plot, write scenes, and much more!

The Build Scenes for Your Novel Kit Includes:

  • How to Plot & Structure Your Novel with Cheryl Klein (OnDemand Webinar)
  • Showing & Telling by Laurie Alberts (PDF eBook)
  • Plot versus Character by Jeff Gerke (PDF eBook)
  • Story Engineering by Larry Brooks (PDF eBook)
  • Make a Scene by Jordan E. Rosenfeld (Paperback Book)

Most published authors will tell you that in order to get published you must be able to write well. The same goes for your story. It must be well-written. To ensure your story is powerful and engages readers, you will need to balance showing with telling, that is scene with summary. Showing & Telling (retail: $16.99) by Laurie Alberts teaches you when to show and how to tell within your narrative through basic but effective techniques. You’ll learn what to include when writing background information, how to construct and write scenes, and create smooth transitions.

Wondering how to make your story great? To completely understand the storytelling process read Story Engineering (retail: $17.99). Author Larry Brooks teaches you how to blend concept, character, theme, and plot with scene construction and writing voice into your story. You’ll strengthen your storytelling skills and – at the same time – improve your story!

If you are unsure about what type of plot best fits your novel, watch How to Plot & Structure Your Novel (retail: $89.00) with guest speaker Cheryl Klein. Learn all about plot and plot structure along with tips for raising the stakes of your story.

Creating characters and developing your novel’s plot are essential when it comes to writing a novel. Regardless of what genre your novel fits into, you’ll find practical advice and lessons in Jeff Gerke’s Plot versus Character (retail: $17.99). You’ll learn how to create likeable characters, from physical traits to personalities and the major events and inciting incidents that they must face. You’ll also explore the three-act structure and look at examples to help you form your story’s plot.

Scenes are necessary and used to convey your story to your readers. In order to create strong scenes that will keep your readers’ attention, you’ll need to know the basics of creating, writing, and placing scenes which is why we’ve included Make a Scene (retail: $14.99). Author Jordan E. Rosenfeld teaches you the fundamentals of constructing scenes and other fiction-writing techniques such as character development and pacing to help you improve your story.

Dive head first into the world of novel writing and use the Build Scenes for Your Novel Kit to write your first draft.

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