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Favorite Authors

James Scott Bell
If you want to write a fiction book or simply learn more about the genre, James Scott Bell can help. He has many years of experience within the publishing industry and is an award-winning author. Browse his books on fiction and receive detailed instruction on the more complicated elements of writing a fiction book – plot, structure, conflict, suspense, revision, and self-editing. Hone your craft and acquire the knowledge you need to succeed within fiction writing today!

Donald Maass
Do you aspire to be a published novelist one day? Learn about the craft of novel writing from Donald Maass. He is not only the author of several books dedicated to writing a novel, but also runs his own literary agency and has more than three decades of experience within the publishing industry. Browse these books and articles for writing a novel and receive detailed instruction, writing exercises, and problem-solving solutions. Immerse yourself into the world of novel writing – start today!

Jane Friedman Do you want to know about the future of digital publishing and how you can succeed as a writer? Let Jane Friedman, an expert on new media and digital publishing, be your go-to resource. Listen to her speak about the essentials of online media, building an author platform, creating an e-book, and promoting your work through marketing with our online writing webinars. Want to get published? Read magazine issues and books to find advice, tips, and instruction on traditional and self-publishing. Browse print and digital products by Jane Friedman and explore the future of digital publishing!

Chuck Sambuchino Finding an agent is a crucial step within the traditional publishing process, but knowing how land one and secure a book deal is equally important. Chuck Sambuchino, a Writer’s Digest editor, writes one of the biggest blogs on literary agents within the publishing industry and has personal experience with literary agents, as he is also a published author. Browse the online writing webinars, books, and other products by Sambuchino to learn what they look for, how to submit your work, and what it takes to land a book contract.