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Author Social Media Kit

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Social media is one of the hottest topics for writers. With this exclusive kit from Writer's Digest, you'll learn how to build and maintain your social media presence for the greatest impact. The kit includes:

  • Using Social Networking Tools to Succeed in Publishing (OnDemand Webinar): Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Are you using these sites? If not, you're missing out on both new opportunities and important information that helps you get published, as well as market and promote your books. In today's tough environment, you have to be savvy and knowledgeable about online tools and activities, and understand how using these tools can attract the attention of editors and agents, while ensuring a potential publisher you have what it takes to be a successful author. ($99.00 value)
  • How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Writing and Yourself (OnDemand Webinar): The social media landscape, though still young, has already gone through several phases. The current phase sees people realizing that tools like Facebook and Twitter are useful not only for looking at photos of ex-boyfriends but also for publicizing who they are and what they do. Those who use social media strategically are reaping the benefits; those who don't are overlooking a vital marketing tool. Through a variety of channels, aspiring writers, established writers and everyone in between can promote their talents and credentials in clever, continuous ways—at no cost. In other words, if you aren't doing it, why not? Instructor I.J. Schecter outlines different social media strategies and provides tools for determining which one best matches your writing goals. Define your social media platform and execute it with impact and consistency. ($79.00 value)
  • Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging (OnDemand Webinar): Should you blog? If so, what should you blog about? And, if you post any of your book material on your blog, are you endangering its prospects with an agent or traditional publisher? In this session, you'll learn how and when blogging can benefit you. We'll discuss the different models of successful blogging, how to focus your blog when you're looking for a book deal, and how to continue blogging (or start blogging) for promotion & marketing when you already have a book deal and release date. Even if you've never blogged before, you'll leave this session with the tools and resources you need to get started within a few days. ($59.00 value)
  • Using Twitter to Boost Your Writing Income (OnDemand Webinar): Thanks to Twitter, it has never been easier for an enterprising writer to build a career. Editors, publishers, peers, sources—they're all flocking to the Twitterverse. For some, the shift has led to more assignments and higher income. Veteran freelancer Tim Beyers is one of those writers. In this webinar, he walks you through his rules for earning a return on your Twitter time, including strategies for querying editors, building your contact list, and the in-and-outs of using Twitter to find quotable sources. ($49.00 value)
  • Get Known Before the Book Deal (Book PDF): Before you can land a book deal - before you can even attract the interest of agents and editors - you need to be visible. How do you become visible? You develop a platform, or a way of reaching your readers. Everybody can develop a platform and this book shows you how to do it while you're still writing. After you read this book, you'll be able to answer the inevitable question: "What's your platform?" You'll learn the hows and whys of becoming visible and how to cultivate visibility from scratch. Best of all, you won't need any previous knowledge or experience to get started. ($16.99 value)

SKU W7838
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