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Writer's Digest Consultants Center

If you need professional insights and guidance on any aspect of the craft and business of writing, consider the Writer's Digest Consultants Center your go-to resource for savvy industry pros that can answer your questions in a one-on-one consultation session and put you on the path to success.


Review the bios of the consultants listed (each of them have been vetted by the editors of Writer's Digest), and select the consultant who specializes in your area of interest, and make an appointment. It's as simple as that! Whether you prefer to speak over the phone or online (via Skype or Facetime), you'll get the quality coaching you need on a myriad of topics. Click on the consultant you're interested in to learn more about them and how they can help you achieve your writing and publishing goals:



 Nina Amir: Writer's Digest Consultant

Nina Amir, Author, Platform Consultant, Book and Author Coach, Public Speaker

  • Available to consult on: • Platform building — including online presence, in-person events, and networking • Author coaching and training • Book proposal and business plan consultations • Ideation and book development • Blog or blogging consultations • Blog-to-book consultations • Writing for magazines

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 Patricia V. Davis: Writer's Digest Consultant

Patricia V. Davis, Author, Platform Consultant, Events Consultant

  • Available to consult on: • Platform consultations • How to get bookshop events for your new book • How to draw in more readers for your book • Utilizing Facebook and other social media to build (or destroy) your author brand

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 Naveed Saleh: Writer's Digest Consultant

Naveed Saleh, Author, Freelance Journalist, Editor, Writing Coach

  • Available to consult on: • Platform building • Writing • Content editing • Blogging • Article development • Interviewing • Manuscript Development • Presentations • Professional communications (e-mail, executive summaries, précis, cover letters, resumes, etc.)

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 I.J. Schecter: Writer's Digest Consultant

I.J. Schecter, Author, Interviewer, Freelance Writer

  • Available to consult on: • Researching markets and breaking in • Pitching/querying • Article writing • Establishing/maintaining a freelance career • Establishing/maintaining relationships with editors and publishers • Ghostwriting • Writing for the corporate market • Using social media to build your writing career and profile • Maintaining your day job while pursuing your writing career

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 Mare Swallow: Writer's Digest Consultant

Mare Swallow, Author, Public Speaker, Platform Consultant

  • Available to consult on: • Platform building — including online presence, in-person events, podcasts, and networking • Author coaching and prep for readings, talks, and events • Podcasting • Public speaking and presentation skills

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Writer's Digest Consultants


"Jeff Gerke is a great editor. Anyone working with him would benefit considerably from his expertise."
~ Janet Benrey, Author and Literary Agent


"I really appreciated Nina [Amir]'s dedication, persistence, talent, skill, teaching, discernment, and professionalism. I know that I've grown as a writer and will be a better and more-readable author because of the experience of working with Nina."
~ John C. Robinson, Ph.D, author of Ordinary Enlightenment and Finding Heaven Here


"An author (both traditionally and independently published) and a publisher in her own right, Patricia V. Davis has made it her business to follow the breaking transformations of publishing dispassionately, mining real data and listening to all sides in order to enlighten those of us who are less in-the-know. Savvy, inventive, engaging, she's a hell of a teacher. She focuses on what's true and what matters—then downloads all sorts of practical tools. It's memorable stuff. It works. I'm still applying her lessons years later as I shape and promote my written work. Thank you, Patricia!"
~ Amanda McTigue, author of Going to Solace


"The world of publishing is growing more complicated--but also more interesting for those willing to think outside the box. I know I am, and having Phil Athans and his new company out there as a resource takes the scare out of it."
~ R.A. Salvatore, New York Times bestselling author


"Naveed Saleh brings a fine mind, a warm heart, and an impressive fund of knowledge to his writing and editing. I recommend him highly."
~ Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH, Coordinator of the MS Program in Science and Technology Journalism, Texas A&M University