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2013 Songwriter's Market

The Ultimate Guide to Songwriting


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Is it your dream to hear your songs on the radio or played on stage? To become a famous songwriter? If so, you'll need the 2013 Songwriter's Market, the ultimate guide to songwriting. Edited by Roseann Biederman, this trusted resource, now in its 36th edition, helps both beginning and experienced songwriters hone their craft and advance their careers.

According to, the 2013 Songwriter's Market is "The go-to guide to aspiring songwriters, with information on music publishers, record companies and producers, managers, booking agents, and more."

This year's edition contains a geographic index, updated information on how to submit songs over the Internet, new information about securing songwriting grants, and tips on using social media.

Inside the book's 368 pages, you'll find interviews with Mitch Goldfarb, a two-time Grammy Nominee, Devyn Rush from American Idol, songwriter Amy Stroup, Hillary Scott, and Andy Hunt. You'll read articles about writing songs for the commercial market, what to do when a song isn't working, breaking into the industry, and finding songwriting grants. Plus, browse tons of detailed listings for music publishers including how to contact them, submission tips, and what types of music they accept.

2013 Songwriter’s Market has just about every event or group you’d ever want to attend or join – from music organizations, conferences, workshops and retreats, to songwriting contests, and lists of venues. Indie artists in particular will find this to be a great tool for booking their own music tours.

The book also has a complete calendar, with plenty of space for recording upcoming events you’d like to attend or songwriting contests you are planning on entering. It’s also a great way to keep you organized and on schedule for meeting important deadlines

Don’t put your dreams on hold – use this guide to write songs, explore your creative side, and make a name for yourself as a songwriter!