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2013 Poet's Market

A Publishing Guide For Poets


how to write poetry | poets marketWe spotlight the craft of poetry in our 2013 Poet’s Market book, available now at bookstores across the country and online. This valuable guide, which has been around for over 20 years, includes a wealth of information for poets of all types. "Though there's no infallible, one-size-fits-all roadmap to success in this patchwork vocation, there is the Poet's Market ready to provide the kind of navigation that matters. And while it's true that the book can't do the work for you—neither the deeply attentive work of being a writer nor the logistic clerical work needed to submit your oeurve for publication—it is a massively helpful tool. Everyone will get something different from a book like this," says Nate Pritts, author of Honorary Astronaut, Big Bright Sun, and Sweet Nothing.

Besides new articles and interviews, the 2013 Poet's Market has—for the first time ever—20 original poems from contemporary poets, including Nin Andrews, Patricia Fargnoli, Jessie Carty, Terri Kirby Erickson, Kelli Russell Agodon, Pris Campbell, and more!

Edited by Robert Lee Brewer, a published poet and senior content editor for Writer’s Digest, the 2013 Poet’s Market book has hundreds of detailed listings for poetry publications, chapbook publishers, and poetry contests, along with current information such as submission preferences, what editors look for, who to contact and payment information.

But the book is more than a bunch of listings. When you buy this year's edition, you'll find in-depth articles by well-known writers like Sage Cohen, Nate Pritts, Patricia Kennelly, Amy Miller, Kris Bigalk, Shaindel Beers, Nancy Susanna Breen, and others. The topics discussed include how to get published, chapbook design tips every poet should know, how to write a successful grant, the ins and outs of publishing traditional forms, and the importance of reading poetry.

Along with the book, you’ll gain access to one of the biggest databases within the industry——for a year! Make the most of your online subscription and browse hundreds of listings for poetry contests, conferences, chapbook publishers and more.

Plus, you get a free digital download of the 2012 Writer’s Yearbook, your trusted resource for writing success. This handbook identifies the top 100 marketplaces for poetry, explains the latest publishing trends that will affect what you write and how you sell, and much more.

Use the tips, tricks, and information in the 2013 Poet’s Market to get your poetry published. Buy your copy today!