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2015 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition

The 2015 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition is everything you'd expect from the regular copy of Writer's Market but with a bonus subscription to, which includes instant access to 7,500+ regularly updated listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents and more. Plus, enjoy access to an exclusive OnDemand webinar from Writer's Digest!

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Writing Fiction

Write and Sell Superior Short Stories

This kit guides you through every phase of writing your short story from gathering ideas to publishing your completed work.

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Live Webinars

Querying 101: Putting Your Best Book Forward

Literary agent Jennifer De Chiara will guide you, step-by-step, in writing the perfect pitch for your book. She'll offer do's and don'ts from her 16+ years of agenting and share queries that got her attention and those that didn't. De Chiara will also give tips on how to find the right agents to query. If you've written a dynamite query, it's still worthless if you're not sending it to the right agents.


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