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2nd Draft Critique Service: Agent Plot Critiques

Make sure you have a plot that will appeal to agents and readers alike with Writer's Digest's Agent Plot Critique Service. A Talcott Notch Literary Agent will review the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed plot and deliver comprehensive feedback to put you on the right track to the best story possible.


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Writing Fiction

Story Trumps Structure

Story Trumps Structure shows writers how to create a compelling, believable story that can only come from jettisoning pre-ordained outlines in lieu of trusting the narrative process and telling the story.

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Live Webinars

Be Your Own Editor: Tips For Self-Editing Your Own Work

In this all-new webinar on self-editing, instructor Harold Underdown will teach you these techniques-ones he uses in his own work as an editor. He'll also point you to more useful resources to make sure you feel confident revising your work before submission.


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