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2015 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition

The 2015 Writer's Market Deluxe Edition is everything you'd expect from the regular copy of Writer's Market but with a bonus subscription to, which includes instant access to 7,500+ regularly updated listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents and more. Plus, enjoy access to an exclusive OnDemand webinar from Writer's Digest!

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Writing Fiction

Story Trumps Structure

Story Trumps Structure shows writers how to create a compelling, believable story that can only come from jettisoning pre-ordained outlines in lieu of trusting the narrative process and telling the story.

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Live Webinars

How to Plot and Structure Your Novel: Learn Important Principles, Patterns, and Practical Revision Techniques

In this live webinar, editor Cheryl Klein will guide you through the principles that underlie traditional narrative plotting-a framework on which you can build all sorts of variations. You'll learn about the three main types of plot and how to braid them for maximum narrative efficiency and elegance. She'll examine who's driving the events of your novel, how plotting relates to character, where's the right place for the book to begin and end, and whether the stakes and characters are sufficient to keep narrative tension high the entire book. Finally, she'll discuss how to create an effective bookmap to see your plot on its own terms and be sure that every scene and event contributes to the whole.


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